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The vision of The Sherrard Institute began more than 25 years ago as its founder, Rev. Joshua Sherrard felt called to support and encourage the areas described in our three pillars.  Rev. Sherrard grew up in Hawaii as the son of missionaries and pastor Rev. Dr. Sam and Manel Sherrard. At an early age, Josh was exposed to worldwide ministry and worldwide need. 


After serving as a pastor in three congregations in the US and witnessing the efforts of ministry, humanitarianism and educational advancement around the world, Josh has developed a passion to help and support these causes. 


Josh and his wife, Amy founded TSI as a public, non-profit organization to fulfill this mission and calling. By partnering with individuals and organizations with similar alignment the Sherrards hope that this is simply the beginning of many generations doing good. In Jesus name. 

The Sherrard Institute is governed by a board of directors and is a registered 501c3 in Illinois, USA. 

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